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What is the difference between commercial price and pump price cards?

Typically commercial price cards were aimed at hauliers but they are now available for the smaller user with only one or two vehicles or vans. A nationwide diesel price is set weekly, based on the ‘bulk’ market. This fixed ‘bulk’ or ‘bunker’ price is usually lower than pump price and can offer significant savings.

Is the card linked to a driver or to a vehicle?

Cards can be linked to a driver and vehicle, driver only or vehicle only. Bearer cards are also available on request. For added security, cards are embossed with your company name.

My company has depots all over the UK which need invoicing as separate cost centres. Can this be done?

3CF can do this on most cards and take payment centrally if you simply provide cost centre and payment requirements on application.

What type of products can I buy on a fuel card?

Depending on the category of your card, it can be used for a range of products. Most cards allow the purchase of fuels, AdBlue and lubricants and some also allow you to buy shop goods, a car wash and vehicle-related accessories.

What happens if I forget to take my fuel card with me and need to refuel?

Just call 3CF on 01386 561576 or 0121 296 1234 with your account number. We will take you through a few security questions and arrange everything with the site so you can fill up and continue your journey.

Can I apply for a fuel card for personal use?

Yes, 3CF can handle individual applications.